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Atsushi OTA
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Published: May 26 2011

《Proximate-Area Ⅲ-No.4》2010, 162.0×130.3 cm, acrylic on canvas
Courtesy of the artist and gallery natsuka
Copyright© Atsushi Ota

Solo exhibition by Atsushi Ota (b. 1961).

Period: May 30 - June 11, 2011
Venue: gallery natsuka

Last Updated on May 30 2011

Editor's Note by Mizuki TANAKA

《Proximate-Area Ⅲ-No.4》, 2010
162.0×130.3 cm acrylic on canvas
Copyright© Atsushi Ota

There are squares and rectangles distorted as showing a movement on the screen of white ground in yellow, the orange, and the reddish brown. As getting closed, you will notice that the green and the light blue are seen a little under the space of white, yellow, an orange, and a reddish brown colors. And, you would realize that the cold colors are painted under these warm colors.

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