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Fukagawa Bansho Gallery
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: May 30 2011

"Untitled" 2011, Fukagawa Bansho Gallery
Copyright© Fukagawa Bansho Gallery

Opened in 2009 by the Sumida River in Koto-ku, Tokyo. Asami Kawada and Shuets Udono, the gallery’s representatives, who are also architects, have renovated the second floor of this forty year old building, a former wooden printing factory. A tall tree that and a white wall create a settled space. There is a printing factory and a Shinto shrine nearby the gallery on the street. At the corner of the street in such a cozy atmosphere, we can enjoy its exhibitions.

The gallery aimed at holding an exhibition of young artists who can freely use the simple rectangular space at the gallery. Among the artists represented here are Chisato Ishikawa, Yutaka Kimura, Takuji Soga, and Tatsunori Fujii.

Address: 1-1-1-2F, Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-(0)3-6666-9862
Open: 12:00 - 19:00, closed on Monday
Website: http://gallery.kawaban.net

Last Updated on November 11 2011

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