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AMPG Exhibition No.20: Punk tank garden
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Published: November 06 2008

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Punk tank garden I created a punk, tank and fuck garden (chaos).
Infinity = Space = Emptiness = Japanese garden
punk = tank = fuck = Punk tank garden ------------------
Number20 Title "Punk tank garden"
Human beings invented the concept of garden as a technique for taking nature in daily life. There are many styles of garden such as Britain styled garden of small flower blooming all over, a vertical garden in which plants go along on the wall and a garden constructed only with stones which gives a sense of silence. What Azuma challenges to create is a quite radical, new type of garden. However, the audiences would feel a nostalgia in somewhere of the exhibition. AMPG has only 5 more exhibition times left. We expect many people visit to AMPG until the final exhibition, vol.24 in March next year, and see and enjoy this creative space. *The text provided by AMPG.

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