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Naoki Ishikawa won the 30th Ken Domon Award in "CORONA"
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Published: April 16 2011

A photographer, Naoki Ishikawa (b. 1977, belonging to SCAI THE BATHHOUSE) won the 30th Ken Domon Award in a photograph collection "CORONA". The ward-winning works Exhibition - Naoki Ishikawa "CORONA" will be held at Ginza Nikon salon, Tokyo (27 April - 10 May, 2011), Osaka Nikon salon, Osaka (2 - 15 June, 2011), and Ken Domon Museum of Photography, Yamagata (13 July - 11 September, 2011).

The Domon Ken Award is one of Japan's most celebrated photographic awards, started in 1981 by the Mainichi Newspapers in honor of the photographer Ken Domon. The Award is given to a single photographer for a published book of documentary photographs or exhibited works.

Last Updated on April 15 2011

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