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HIROMI: Something Lolita
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Published: February 21 2011

HIROMI“something lolita” 2010
oil on canvas, 50x40cm
Courtesy Mizuma Action

Living in New York, Hiromi started practicing oil painting as a child and she presented her work for the first time in Japan in 2004. Since then she continues her activity based in New York, this show being her first in Japan in a while.

Hiromi continuously paints the portraits of young girls.

No matter the age, there is always a little "something" to anyone. Hiromi captures those radiant ephemeral instants on canvas. Those girls are young and fresh, yet that ephemerality makes them appear even more beautiful. Their irreplaceable images appear and glitter.

The present exhibition presents those many portraits Hiromi kept on painting in her New York apartment. We are glad to invite you to the calm universe of those graceful young girls.

* The text provided by Mizuma Action.

Period: February 23 - March 19, 2011
Venue: Mizuma Action

Last Updated on February 23 2011

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