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Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: January 18 2011

both (2011), 145.5×97.0㎝
Copyright © Kei Nagao

Solo exhibition by Kei Nagao.

Opened dates: January 24 - February 5, 2011
Venue: 2kw 58 (2kw gallery)

Last Updated on January 24 2011

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

I chase the line drawn on the canvas as swinging. As the line rubs, becomes interrupted, bends, and expands, I entrust my glance to the reciprocation with the canvas and, in a word, I “lean” on it. Of course, "leaning" does not mean by falling down to the canvas in this case. It can be a synonym of the time to neither float nor sink but lean on a soft, warm space. To put paints on the support medium might correspond to leaning on it in the painting. Then the time which charcoal or paints infiltrate and fix to the support medium, might correspond to the time that the painting and we are leaning on each other.

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