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Ichiro Endo 'GO FOR FUTURE' project started simultaneously in six places January 15
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: December 25 2010

Courtesy of the artist and island MEDIUM

island JAPAN announced the project of Ichiro Endo 'Future' which hold three solo exhibitions and three group exhibitions by Endo at the same time in Tokyo. The start is the one held in TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS (Harajuku, Tokyo) from January 15.

The press conference of the project start is aslo held on Saturday, January 15 at TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS.

Ichiro ENDO
Born in Shizuoka. He lives in a car called Go for Future, on which the words ‘go for future’, and people’s (who he meets around the country) dreams are written. With this car, he travels across the country, and keeps sending a message ‘GO FOR FUTURE’. Artist's website: http://www.goforfuture.com

Last Updated on December 25 2010

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