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Published: November 22 2010

画像提供:eN arts|Copyright © Kyoko Nakamura

My creations start by copying attractive motifs on paper. Through the long procedure of sketching and copying, the original image gradually shifts, sometimes connecting to a novel image beyond my expectations. I hope the possibilities of analogue techniques such as “copying by hand,” will broaden in acceptance.
- Kyoko Nakamura

We are pleased to present “Analogue Dubbing” by Kyoko Nakamura, who won both the Jury Award from Mr. Philippe Segalot and Grand Prix Award at GEISAI #11.

Nakamura’s drawings appear to be an illustrated diary that archives what she sees and how she feels in her everyday life. They also include humorous comments or dialogues that made us smile. Those texts actually ridicule and critique social phenomenon as her drawings stir forth our memories. Nakamura says, “the memories that we believe are the ones that actually consist of the pieces of facts that we would like to remember, and often they have been interpreted into the images and the words we prefer.”

Thanks to technology, we can dub exact words and expressions, making it possible to duplicate any design, motifs, intricate line pattern, or even a little stain. But Nakamura’s drawings, which originate in her favorite motifs such as Barbie Dolls, Twitter, and Gauguin’s paintings, are altered to her own taste by her own personal interpretation. As a result, they are transformed into her own uniquely personal drawings.

In “Analogue Dubbing”, Nakamura would like to express the uncertainty of our memories or information by focusing on the gap between “reality” and what we believe is real. Nakamura’s new works, including video works and installations, as well as drawings will be exhibited. We hope you will enjoy our last show of the year, 2010.

* The text provided by eN arts.

Opened dates: December 3 - 26, 2010, only Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12:00-18:00
Opening reception: December 4, 2010, 18:00 - 20:00

Last Updated on December 03 2010

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