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Ryuta TANII: PeopleRyuta TANII: People
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: November 08 2010

"from Monomi-Yusan" (2008); courtesy of the artist and eitoeiko, copyright © Ryuta Tanii

'My first time to look at the crowd of the metropolis, there seemed to be one giant object moving.’, the artist told. After the encounter, he continues to observe it. Then he decides to divide the mass to each human. The reconstruction of the city scenes is for regaining the human right, Tanii thinks his work as that. Influenced by western paintings like Bosch, Bruegel, Poussin, and the other classics, and Balthus, His photographs have their flavor of liberty which is lost in today. In the wonderland of the end of Asia, his renaissance of people connects the trilogy, Extra, Monomi-Yusan and Utopia. The exhibition shows the trilogy and the newest book of them.

Ryuta Tanii
1979 Born in Hyogo
2004 BA Literature, Hosei University
2008 Extra, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo
2008 Monomi-Yusan, Nikon Plaza, Shinjuku, Tokyo
2009 Monomi-Yusan, Nikon Plaza, Osaka
2010 Utopia, Gallery 58, Tokyo from Monomi-Yusan, 2008

2008 Photo Premio Award, selected
2009 Young Portfolio Acquisitions, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts

Talk Session: Akiko Otake and Ryuta Tanii
27 November, 1-2PM, admission free

* The text provided by eitoeiko.

Opened dates: November 22 - 30, 2010

Last Updated on November 22 2010

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