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Miwa Yanagi's Cafe Rottenmeier will be opened at Festival/Tokyo 10
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: September 23 2010

Miwa Yanagi, courtesy of Festival/Tokyo 10 Committee

At the "Festival/Tokyo 10" (http://festival-tokyo.jp/en/) held from October 30 - November 28, 2010, Miwa Yanagi will produce a cafe called "Cafe Rottenmeier", which is inspired by Clara's strict housekeeper from "Heidi, Girl of the Alps", and all the waiters/dancers of the "Cafe Rottenmeier" are "granny maids".

The maids have been selected through an open recruitment process seeking people who "see themselves as grannies". The last week they will even perform the "Cafe Rottenmeier" theatre piece directed by Miwa Yanagi herself.

* The information and text provided by Festival/Tokyo 10 Committee.

Last Updated on September 24 2010

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