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Natsunosuke MISE: My God
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: September 08 2010

"My God" (2010); 154×1440cm(part)
Courtesy of the artist and IMURA ART GALLERY
Copyright © Natsunosuke Mise

Mise has always worked the motif "My God". He makes new works for this exhibition including a large work in the size of 154×1440cm. And he makes an installation like homebase as an idea atelier space with the theme "Is it possible, Tohoku-ga?" to which he commits recently. You can see his original point and also present.

Art dialogue & Opening Reception
29(fri), Oct 18:00-
Interlocutor: Satoshi Koganezawa (Curator, The Setagaya Art Museum)

* The text provided by IMURA ART GALLERY TOKYO

Opened dates: October 29 - December 11, 2010

Last Updated on October 29 2010

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