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Natsunosuke MISE: Hijiori-gensō (Hijiori-fantasy)
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Published: September 08 2010

"Hijiori-gensō (Hijiori-fantasy)" (2009); Sumi, whiting on Japanese paper, 162*845cm, courtesy of IMURA ART GALLERY

Natsunosuke MISE was born in 1973 in Nara, lives and works in Yamagata. Currently teaches in the Tōhoku University of Art and Design. He has developed ‘Japanese painting’ using sumi(black ink), whiting on Japanese paper, adding sometimes metal powder, metal leaf and fragments of printed mutter. His works become huge over 3m of width depending on the exhibited space.

He was awarded by various prizes; The Gotoh new commer's prize of art by The Gotoh Memorial Foundation in 2006. He resided in Firenze, Italy for a year by the grant of this award. In 2009, he was awarded VOCA Prize which is dedicated to the most emerging painting artist. Through these prizes and his solo and group show in Japan and abroad (Taipei, Shenzhen, Dresden), he is appreciated and is getting a recognized artist. Recently he unfolds the potential as a curator, he organizes the experimental exhibition from his actual basement, Tohoku.

In this exhibition, we show his wide screen works(162*845cm), ‘Hijiori-gensō (Hijiori-fantasy)’painted in 2009. This work was inspired by landscape of ‘Hijiori-onsen ’, a hot spring in Yamagata which has a history of 1200 years.

In the end of October, he has solo show at imura art gallery Tokyo, our new second space. He will show new works plenty of color, completely different from the works exhibiting at Kyoto.

* The text provided by imura art gallery.

Opened dates: October 2 - 23, 2010

Last Updated on October 02 2010

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