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Shinsuke TSUTSUI
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Published: May 14 2010

2010 | wax, oil pastel, canvas, panel | 134.3×84.2cm
Copyright © Shinsuke TSUTSUI
Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

Mizuma Art Gallery is pleased to inform you that it will hold the TSUTSUI Shinsuke Exhibition from June 12th, 2010.

In recent years, TSUTSUI’s artworks became more painting-like by adding vivid colors to the depth rendered by the texture of translucent beeswax.
The artist sublimates in his works almost unrecognizable fragments from the remains of small insects like ants, bees and moths he collects in his everyday life.
He increased representational level of his expression by applying colors gaudier than ever, deliberately trimming the motifs of his paintings that could otherwise be seen as abstract ones, freed from any subjectivity.

There is a kind of sludgy sensation like a surging vortex of passions, silenced voices piercing to our ears through the layers of colors.
A sharp yet tranquil gaze.

TSUTSUI doesn’t paint nostalgic illusions but the definite presence of actual living beings, awakening the viewer to the endless connections of one life to the rest of the universe.
He tries not to track down the proof that life was once carried into those dead bodies, but to have us grasp the faint breath at the verge between two different yet connected existences.

In this exhibition, apart from paintings and drawings you will also have the opportunity to take a look at the artist’s real microscope so that you can get even closer to the artworks’ universe.
Is it eternal absence or existence at the very end of the trip you take in to the micro-world when you take a look at the microscope? We gladly invite you to come and see by yourselves. We hope you will enjoy the recent transformations into Tsutsui’s earnest confrontation to his subject by seeing this exhibition’s artworks.

*The text provided by Mizuma Art Gallery

Opened dates: June 12 - July 17, 2010

Last Updated on June 12 2010

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