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Winners of "Roppongi Crossing 2010" prizes announced at Mori Art Museum
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Published: June 13 2010

"Roppongi Crossing" is an exhibition that introduce the work of artists and creators to be shown on a stage where multiple perspectives cross. The curators of the exhibition have chosen the artists of various genres, but the museum also hopes that the discussion on Japanese art will spread in various ways by the audience actively viewing the exhibition. Museum visitors were invited to participate in the "People's Prize" by choosing the artist that left the strongest impression on them from 20 March to 8 June. We thank those who participated. Also "MAM Prize," chosen by the Mori Art Museum director and members of the Mori Art Museum Advisory Board, and "Jury's Prize," chosen by juries active in different fields were chosen.

[People’s Prize] Teruya Yuken
[MAM Prize] Aoyama Satoru
[Jury’s Prize]
Chim↑Pom Jury: Iseya Yusuke (actor)
Kato Tsubasa Jury: Kuma Kengo (architect)
UJINO Jury: Yagi Akiko (news caster)

* Information provided by Mori Art Museum

Last Updated on June 25 2010

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