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Takahiro Kaneshima appointed new executive director of ART FAIR TOKYO
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Published: May 18 2010

Ms. Misa Shin resigned as Executive Director of ART FAIR TOKYO as of the end of May 2010, and Mr. Takahiro Kaneshima who has various experience in projects and management such as artist support and exchange program in East Asia art industry.


Mr. Takahiro Kaneshima Born 1977 in Tokyo. Director at FEC. Received MA from the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University and worked at NOKIA Research Center (Finland), TOSHIBA Digital Media Company (Japan) and Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (China) before founding FEC (Far East Contemporaries) in 2007. Live and work in Yokohama, Taipei and Beijing to do research on East Asian contemporary art and support artists' production and art exchange program.

* text provided by ART FAIR TOKYO

Last Updated on June 25 2010

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