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Saori Miyake won VOCA 2010 Award
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Published: December 18 2009

The VOCA exhibition was held (at the Ueno Royal Museum from March 14 to March 30 2010) and Saori Miyake won VOCA Award from 35 artists.

■VOCA Award: Saori Miyake "Telling Secrets" and "Bed" gelatine silver print artwork 145.0×165.0×5.0cm

■VOCA Encouragement Prize: Natsuko Sakamoto "BATH,L" "Study b for Funicula (tentative title)" Oil on canvas 215.0×212.0×4.0cm, 91.0×116.7×2.5cm

■VOCA Encouragement Prize: Michiko Nakatani "Image Existing There" "Image Existing There II" Plaster, polyester resin, pigments made for use with polyester resin 122.8×59.3×8.0cm、122.5×56.5×8.0cm、84.5×69.0×9.0cm

■Prize for Excellence: Asami Kiyokawa "HAZY DREAM" hotograph, embroidery yarn 150.0×112.5×3.0cm、150.0×112.5×3.0cm

■Prize for Excellence/Ohara Museum of Art Prize: Meo Saito "Immoralville" Acrylic on paper 82.0×82.0×4.0cm

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