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TOWER 02-2
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: October 30 2008

Canvas panorama copy right(c)2002 Galerie Suiran

This was created in the early period when Yamada had just established the style he uses today, in which he makes a solid object from wire and plaster, takes photos of it, then etches the developed photos. A single motif has a strong image. A skeleton tower has loneliness as if abandoned by people and town, as well as the strength to keep standing on the white frozen ground.

Comment from the artist:
This was an epic from the early period of the series, born out of reconsideration of the past. I felt a drastic leap was necessary because I was bogged down by the limitations of my method of over-painting black ink on the black-and-white photos and material.

Artist: Junji Yamada
Year: 2002
Genre: Printmaking
Owner: Galerie Suiran
Material: Intaglio on Photo
Size: 186×120cm
Note: ed. 2, Aoki Shigeru Award 2003, courtesy of the artist and SHINOBAZU GALLERY
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