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on the table #100
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: October 24 2008

Canvas panorama copy right(c)1999 Galerie Suiran

Produced in the period in which he utilized actual materials as motifs. On the bias of the canvas, apples are displayed: natural ones, both in the process of being peeled (passage of time), and after being peeled.*1 The small differences between the neatly lined up apples concentrates the passage of time. On the other hand, viewing from a distance, each apple becomes just a point in a line, an abstract pattern without a special theme. Having two faces of one motif, as a piece and as a group, is a characteristic of his work.
*1 Information by Mr. Umezu, President of Gallerie SUIREN

Comment from the artist:
I created this with particular enthusiasm because it was my one hundredth creation. To be accurate, I was creating several artworks at the same time and I knew this would be great, so I nominated it as the one hundredth. At that time, I was interested in paintings by Lee U Fan created with minimum work. The stretched, peeled skin of the apples is inspired by his "From the Line" series in which the lines are diluted. (Information by Galerie SUIREN)

Artist: Junji Yamada
Year: 1999
Genre: Printmaking
Owner: Private Collection
Material: Intaglio on Photo
Size: 91×200cm
Note: ed. 1, a set of 4 panels
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