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Published: April 26 2010

(2009), courtesy of the artist copy right(c) Mitsumasa KADOTA

We humans like to make things clear.
Just like taking it for granted that we think white color gives a good and black color gives a bad impression without realizing, seems like we are naturally made to evaluate things to make things clear.
Wondering why that is.

For such neutral state where we do not evaluate things and stay in the middle, I would call 'GRAY ZONE'.
In other word 'non-commitment' if you like.
Although this word is often heard in the court of justice from those who do not know which side to stand for, here I would like to define, from my point of view, that we should also understand this 'GRAY ZONE' as an important condition for us to evaluate things.
Having myself in Japan where the western culture and eastern culture gets mixed up, I think to myself the ’GRAY ZONE’ will be the very place where I believe we can see things much more clearly.

‘Sweet Emotion’, which was opened last year in November 2009 in Nishi-Azabu and where my paintings are to be exhibited for the first time, is a very modern place where you can have good meals with nice music in superb atmosphere.
Pleaese enjoy your time here with us and feel the ‘GRAT ZONE’ paintings.
* The text provided by Mitsumasa Kadota.

Last Updated on May 14 2010

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