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Published: November 24 2009

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Akaruiheya Opened in Yotsuya Sanchome in April 2009 as an exhibition space only for two years as one of the overall art projects managed by Mikoto Toya, Yoshikazu Miki, Minami Onodera and Hata Masanori. It functions as an outlet for these members/artists, and as a non-profit-making gallery. It also plans exhibitions from a novel aspect in the art fields and community in contrast with the traditional concept of the art market. We can encounter an experimental, edged expression through the one solo exhibition which last for a week and 80 or more for two years. Moreover, the workshop "Modern Photography Club" also attempts to pursue an image of photographers of the next generation through the events such as talk sessions. Roland Barthes has stated in his “La chambre claire” as follows;

"I can make ‘Photograph’ exist by the principle of the adventure. On the contrary, the photograph doesn't exist if there is no adventure." (Roland Barthes, “La chambre claire”, Misuzu Shobo, 1985, p.30)

In exhibition space without an adventure might not exist photograph doesn't exist if there is no adventure. Let's watch the adventure of Akarui ?heya to the end. Because only the person who has witnessed it would understand if it is worthy or not as an adventure.


Address: Murakoshi Bldg. 2F, 1 Sugacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
URL: http://akaruiheya.info/

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