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Munemasa TAKAHASHI: Sky fish
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: March 11 2010

Courtesy of the artist and AKAAKA copy right(c) Munemasa TAKAHASHI

Solo exhibition of photograph works by Munemasa Takahashi.

Last Updated on March 19 2010

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

This is the publication of the long-awaited photograph collection and the solo exhibition for the people who have a strong impression with the solo exhibition in the art & river bank (Tokyo) in 2004.
The funny, delightful, and unrealistic photographs such as the people on a palm or the rainbow projected from a camera. Between those works, there are the spectacles of nature and cities such as the shadow of a fish, the snow mountain, and the moonlight nights, which pull us back to the reality.
Seeing these photographs filled with a humor and a melancholy raises my excitement at viewing photographs. These are refreshing entertainment photograph to be recommended to all people who are anxious at the new fiscal year in the spring.
If you are not able to see this exhibition, I would like you to recommend the photograph collection 'Sky fish' (AKAAKA ART PUBLISHING, 2010), together with the text with a sense of well-being written by a philosopher, Gen Kida.

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