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Published: December 24 2009

Courtesy of the artist and Contemporary Art and Spirits(CAS)

ALICE –Field of the Imaginative Body-
I suppose that anyone had an experience to feel “I am not here now,” even though he/she had actually been there at that time. He/she would imagine then that he/she looked down him /herself from the top of the room or looked up from the bottom. Once this imagination started to grow, he/she could hear the second tender voice. “Please enter the wonderland.” Going down through the hole of a hare, according to this voice, he/ she might have to say “ Good-bye to his / her feet”, cause his /her neck grew up second by second. Or he/ she might drown at the pond of his/her tears, cause his/her body shrank so small. Think through the “imaginative body” not by the brain, it is the theme of this exhibition to make works of art. * The text provided by Contemporary Art and Spirits(CAS)

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