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Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: December 23 2009

Aritomo "yuri” (2005); courtesy of the artist

Group exhibition by Aritomo, Chieko Oshie, Haruka Kojin, Mineo Sakata, Yoshihiro Suda, Tomoko Hashimoto, and Junko Maruyama. The seven artists provide a chance to consider "beauty" by each work on a flower.

Last Updated on January 13 2010

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

It is an exhibition of the contemporary art on flowers as the theme in a gallery in Chiba City which is called a "City of flower". This exhibition is being held in two spaces; Chiba City Citizn Gallery, Inage, and the next to it, the former villa of Denbe Kamiya. In the former villa of Denbe Kamiya, you have to take off shoes probably because of a tangible cultural properties registered in the country. It doesn't mean by being monotonous though the theme of flower is never novel. The works by Tomoko Hashimoto and Mineo Sakata exhibited in Chiba City Citizn Gallery, Inage are quite impressive along with the work by Aritomo using the basement of the former villa of Denbe Kamiya. Various types of works are exhibited from past works to the latest works, and each work is displayed suitable for the work and the space; I was made to notice it was actually a painting or a photograph" after walking around the “flowers”. There was a flower casually arranged in a single‐flower vase in the hall, maybe by the hall staff. I was glad of such delicate and warm consideration.

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