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Eisaku ANDO
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Published: December 20 2009

Installation view at Gallery Shimon (2009), courtesy of the artist and Ga piece of space APS copy right(c) Eisaku ANDO

The 17th of special exhibition series “a piece of work". This time exhibits Eisaku Ando (b. 1961)'s primitive and stoutly-built works which have been paid to attention under the spread of social unrest.

Last Updated on January 13 2010

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

One of the works like a pillar that reminds me of the totem pole, have many faces carved in the pillar-shape. The surface of the wood carving is remarkably rough as beaten, which is due to being beaten with an ax. It might seem violent. However, when seeing the rough drawing using whole the gallery wall, you might come to find that the wood carving Ando produces by one ax is originated by the rough and wild drawing. Then, we understood that the sculpture produced with one ax is a delicate work that cannot be done without an experienced skill and intention such as the delicate angle and power adjustment of the ax rather than just being said as violent. However, the sculpture was being faced at me as laughing at such the delicacy.

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