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Published: November 27 2009

Courtesy of the artist and AKAAKA copy right(c) Aya FUJIOKA

In this work, the author's hometown is the main stage. It is a story that swings the memory while searching for a faint rip carved for the living in every day and a few shadows. (quoted from the artist's statement)

Last Updated on December 05 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

This exhibition is a commemoration event for the publication of her photograph collection 'I do not sleep' published from AKAAKA ART PUBLISHING (2009). However, it might catch you off your guard if you visit to the exhibition without forgetting the image of the photograph collection. Red cushions in heart shape are arranged to the chair in front of the exhibition room. In the exhibition space, there is an altar-like installation placed with candle s and a white curtain is hung there. The hall has a sacred but also somewhat poor taste. However looks different from the photograph collections with a plain impression. However, there are the same deep attachment to her family which overflows when obtaining the physical space to be expressed. All the photographs are in each different flame, the half of the 60 works exhibited are varied in the shape including the square, the rectangle, the octagon, and the circle, etc. The one in a wooden flame has classic atmosphere with a refreshing feeling drifted in the photograph, which takes us somewhere strange at one time.

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