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Toru NAGAHAMA:Layout of Everyday pt.2: Layer and Layout
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Published: November 04 2009

Courtesy of the artist and G/P gallery copy right(c) Toru NAGAHAMA

G/P gallery is delighted to announce the second solo exhibition of London-based artist, Toru Nagahama. During his study in Communication Art & Design at Royal College of Art, London, Nagahama has become popular with a series of photographic works staging his sister as a kind of ‘fashion sculpture’, the interactive work featuring the landscape of his hometown, as well as amusing handmade books. After graduating the school, he has been carrying on his career at the creative agency Hi-Res!, while continuing his exploration of photographic media as an artist. He has been honoured at the 29th Hitotsubo Award 2007, and his photographic installations presented in THE EXPOSED exhibitions drew audience attention. The unique and witty installations he creates with sculptures, objects and prints are unlike to anybody else’s photographic practice. Nagahama also experiments with books as a form of presentation, and his handcrafted books attracted many collectors at the Paris Photo 2008. Toru Nagahama is taking unconventional approach to the photography, not only in the history of Japanese photography but also in the common understanding of ‘Photography’. We invite you to the exhibition of G/P gallery’s promising ‘future vision of photography’, Toru Nagahama. * The text provided by G/P gallery.

Last Updated on October 30 2009

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