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Wakuwaku JOBAN-KASHIWA Project
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Published: November 02 2009

Courtesy of Wakuwaku JOBAN-KASHIWA Project

About 50 artists hold an live painting, an exhibition, and a performance show etc. in several places of Kashiwa-city including TSCA (gallery) and a former movie theater.

Last Updated on November 01 2009

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

JR Joban Line connects Ueno and Sendai stations. Nonetheless, in the JOBAN-KASHIWA PROJECT, which is being held in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, a number of artists who develop their creative activities not only in the Kanto district but in the Kansai region and Oita Prefecture participate. We can enjoy the project in several places in Kashiwa City, such as the former Cinema Sunshine, which was used as a movie theater, and the gallery space, TSCA Kashiwa. The venue in the former Cinema Sunshine makes us feel as if the whole space is occupied by installations. In the venue, Masae Kariya’s film work which is being aired unpretentiously in a room which was used as a projection room in the past seems to be displayed taking advantage of the characteristics of the venue more effectively than any other exhibits which are shown disorderly. Kariya has drawn a picture on the subject of a theater before. This time, her film creation is being screened in the projection room in the theater which is no longer used. Kariya’s work may represent her message to everyone who has fond memories of spending time at theaters. In the TSCA Kashiwa, we can view two different approaches to maps. Hiroshi Oka depicted the scenes in Kashiwa and Kyoto city on the map of these areas. On the other hand, Ichiro Isobe created a three-dimensional work using the map of the world. Kanako Hayashi’s portfolio named “STREET PRACTICE” shows a project in which simple devices and performances are made using spaces and holes or cracks on streets in cities. Hayashi may tell us a method for making our bodies intervene in cities through the PRACTICE (For some reason, her name cannot be found in the list of exhibitors included in a poster and leaflet of the exhibition). Making up an exhibition in cooperation with artists from a wide range of areas in the county - the plan of this exhibition itself would be highly appreciated. Viewers may also feel like sharing the sense of anticipation and excitement contained in the title, “Wakuwaku”. Nevertheless, unfortunately, only a small part of the exhibits could evoke for me the feeling, “Wakuwaku”. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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