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Etsuko FUKAYA: wind erosion
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Published: November 02 2009

”Untitled" (2009); copperplate print, H9.5xW11.5cm, courtesy of the artist and YAMAMOTO GENDAI copy right(c) Etsuko FUKUYA

Three years since her last solo show, Fukaya is proud to present new etchings and drawings. With passion for drawing living creatures, she considers no detail should be excluded such as every hair of a beast, every scale of a fish, the pattern of a petal or a butterfly’s wing. The artist has chosen etching to express these details as it allows her to draw extremely delicate lines. She exclusively works with naked eyes because even the loupe sets in between her eyes and the work becomes obstructive during the process. The finished work is filled with lively creatures that seem to be celebrating the lives given by the artist. In her new etching “Untitled (27)”, all sorts of creatures share the same picture frame; fossil, ammonite, trilobite, bird, fish, plant, as well as imaginary beast. The borderless land, sea, sky, and mingled age appear to be an odd assortment, but Fukaya’s lines and dots create a harmonious mixture to this wild world. Among other large scaled works in contemporary art, most of Fukaya’s etchings are within 30x30cm. An enriched world is stuffed inside the small picture frame and attracts one’s attention to stare into its richness for hours. * The text provided by YAMAMOTO GENDAI.

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