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Kyukoshi -Transmorph- by AC-bu
Published: December 20 2020

(c) AC-bu

We are pleased to announce that the creative team “AC-bu” will hold a solo exhibition, “Kyukoshi - Transmorph,” at the Mitsukoshi Contemporary Gallery in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, from December 23, 2020, for two weeks. 

This exhibition, AC-bu’s first large-scale solo show, will feature more than 30 of their latest large-scale paintings and drawings. The works presented are all based on the universe of the "Great Space Robot Festival" developed for the recently released "Sugar Foot" music video by the New York-based band “BATTLES,” which received great attention from the media.

In the viewing room adjacent to the gallery, the works of AC-bu’s beloved character, "Iruka no Iruka-kun," who celebrates his 10th anniversary this year, will also be on display.


Information Provided by: INS Studio

Period: December 23,2020 (Wed) 〜 January 4,2021 (Mon)
Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm (equivalent to the business hours of Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi) Closes at 5:00 pm on the last day.
Closed: 1 Jan 2021 (equivalent to the business hours of Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi)

Last Updated on December 23 2020

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