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The Front Covers without Books, Part 1
Published: January 10 2021

Invitation card of the exhibition

If you are to publish a book, how is your front cover going to look like?
This is an exhibition of those who have answered this question. The artists are not asked to make an actual book but a front cover of it. They are to imagine what sort of books they want to make, and then to create a ‘book cover’ as an art work. Is it going to be an art book, novel or poetry collection? Or even it may reach out to the field of history, philosophy, science, travels, cookery and music… it gives them vast possibilities. It is not just about them but also it includes a chosen subject or a person which they want to introduce to the world. The motives are wide.
What are they going to imagine and what kind of covers they are going to create? Those covers are going to decorate the world view of each artists, and the viewers are going to create their own world by looking at them. This exhibition is a cross point of those two imaginations around the subject-‘book’.

artists : Ogura Yui, Kato Takashi, Kaneko Kiyomi, Kuriyama Yuka, Koinuma Eriko, Koga Tobu, Nakamura Mayu, Hagihara Yoko, Hayakawa Yuki, Honma Hiroshi, Matsushima Chisato, Motoi Yoko


Information Provided by: Gallery

Period: January 11,2021 (Mon) 〜 January 16,2021 (Sat)
Hours: 11:30~17:00, Mon/Fri~19:00, Saturday~15:00
Closed: Sundays
Venue: Gallery K

Last Updated on January 11 2021

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