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Hitoshi KURIYAMA: I am in the universe. The universe lies within me
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Published: October 28 2009

Courtesy of eN arts copy right(c) Hitoshi KURIYAMA

Light not only immaterial: it can also be seen as a metaphor of life. So far, I have used Light in my works to present “Existence n Non-Existence”, representing situations and phenomena that may portray neither or may portray both. In recent years, I have advanced the hypothesis that “0 = 1” and attempted to verify it. One of my main efforts in my works has looking at conflicting concepts such as “Existence and Non-Existence” or “ Creation and Destruction” to demonstrate from a scientific prospective that are equivalents

These phenomena everywhere around us, and what I am attempting in my artistic activity is to examine examples of these phenomena one by one.
- Hitoshi Kuriyama

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