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gallery KOBO CHIKA
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Published: April 14 2009

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Opened in Ebisu, Tokyo in April, 1990, gallery KOBO CHIKA is one of the few contemporary art galleries specializing in planning exhibitions in Japan, and introduces mainly young, emerging artists from Japan and overseas. As seen in the Kanji of the gallery name it offers a place where artworks can be appreciated while relaxing since it is in a quiet residential area. Artists who have been introduced here in the past include Roberto Molla, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Takeo Kubota, Kazuyuki Soeno, Jill Sorensen, Masato Akimoto, Ayao Shiokawa, Giovanni Ferri, and many others.

Address: 2-21-3 ebisu, shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: +81-(0)3-3449-9271
Open: 12:00 - 19:00 (Sunday, national holidays, final day - 18:00), closed on Mon. and Tue.
Website: http://www.kobochika.com

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