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Makoto AZUMA: hand vase
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: October 28 2009

Courtesy of AMKK, copy right(c) Makoto AZUMA

This exhibition introduces a work that expressed anger to narcissism of contemporary society. It is also one of the works exhibited at AMPG last year.

Last Updated on October 30 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

The “hand vase” series, which Makoto Azuma presented at AMPG, have been newly created as works of Hasami-ware vases which are used for single flowers. This is the first time for us to enjoy his vase works. In the previous series, we found various kinds of poses of hands which wear white gloves. This time, using pure-white porcelain, he created vases in the form of hands posing in only one style. Nevertheless, he has been keeping his style of creating works in that he always focuses on using flowers in his creations. I wish to put a flower in the “hand vase” which would be completed only after being added a flower. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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