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Published: February 21 2020

Stand 2020 Painted wood, steel

This exhibition features a new installation work entitled Stand. The installation consists of 50 objects some 140cm tall, each composed of a 3mm-diameter steel rod and roughly 10cm-square wood piece. The objects are arranged in the entire space of the gallery. Nakazawa’s characteristic U-shaped steel rod is made to stand independently by fixing it to a white painted wood piece. A closer look reveals that the bottom ends of the rod are also painted white for a length of about 5cms. Each object stands quietly, slightly distorted in form like a sculpture evoking a human figure. As a result of their placement in the gallery, the quality of its space is altered, and the 50 objects function as an installation. Nakazawa has previously displayed a loose regularity in his arrangements of objects. This time, however, he has mentally imagined the overlapping lines and the angles, and randomly arranged the objects as if painting a picture.
Walking around the space, the viewer finds his awareness shifting between individual sculptures and the installation as a whole. Where to focus one’s eyes? Depending on where you direct your awareness, the scene meeting your eyes also changes. The scene you view, in other words, is a scene visible only to you. We invite you to enjoy this long-awaited new work by Ken Nakazawa.


Information Provided by: ANDO GALLERY

Period: February 18,2020 (Tue) 〜 April 18,2020 (Sat)
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Sundays, Mondays and National holidays
Venue: ANDO GALLERY Hirano3-3-6, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0023 tel. 03-5620-2165

Last Updated on February 18 2020

Editor's Note by Satoshi Koganezawa

This exhibition displays an installation featuring sticks of iron painted white that are set out in the hall. The sticks are arranged at almost equal intervals, like lines drawn on a canvas. It is serenely silent and makes us meditate on the space itself. Nakazawa is an artist who is well known for installation works. However, he also introduced paintings in last year's solo exhibition, which were produced with a strong consideration for the space. A painting is not included in this exhibition, and I would thus recommend the catalog issued by the gallery to refer to it.

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