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AKIBATAMABI21 The 73rd Exhibition ”Radical Observers”
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Published: December 01 2018


In today’s global and technologically advancing society, we can now precede time and space to access various forms of information and content. In such society, we are increasingly becoming bystanders/observers rather than direct participants to information and societal changes.

By keeping distance with the subject and referencing and re-interpreting various forms of information, the “observer” is able to imagine new perspectives and existences. In today’s changing society, the questioning, re-evaluating, and updating of perspectives that is made possible through the observatory gaze seems ever more important.
In this exhibition, six artists who confront, question and experiment with their surroundings are featured: Mika KAN, Yuki HIRASAWA, Keita MORITA, Bitna JANG, Long JIN, and Vincent RUIJTERS.

As we put ourselves within their expressive spaces and works, the exhibition aims to propose a new observatory gaze that is vital to surviving in a changing modern society.

Furthermore, this exhibition will feature artists from Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, and China. Simultaneously, we hope to form a network of Tama Art University alumni and those from other academic institutions and further expand the scope of this intellectual experimentation.

< Opening Reception >
●5:00pm~8:00pm, Saturday, December 8th.
< Artist talk >
●2:00pm~4:00pm, Sunday, December 23rd.
Guest : Hideo IWASAKI (Professor of Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
●2:00pm~4:00pm, Saturday, January 12th.


Information Provided by: AKIBATAMABI21

Period: December 8,2018 (Sat) 〜 January 14,2019 (Mon)
Hours: 12:00pm - 7:00pm, Fridays and Saturdays until 8:00pm
Closed: Tuesdays. December 29 (Sat), 2018 - January 3 (Thu), 2019.

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