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Published: October 15 2009

"Plant, sheet, and bed" (2009); gelatine silver print, 80x80cm, courtesy of the artist and Yuka Sasahara Gallery copy right(c) Saori MIYAKE

Miyake (1975- ) is best known for her photography works and drawings working predominately in the past few years with the photogram. Despite being photography, the photogram requires no need of cameras. By arranging objects directly onto light sensitive papers and exposing to light, it appears as a photography work. Miyake uses various objects such as buttons, spangles, cutouts and layers of drawings on thin papers. Moving and staggering to place, each object produces great gradation and peculiar depth and texture on the surface. As each works are made one by one, carefully, with a different plot and process, most of her works has no edition. For some years, she has been fascinated by the idea of human emotions as they reflect the connection of stimulation from nerves. She sees a similarity between interpreting stimulus as a dot, seeing a connection from one to another, and looking for constellation in the night sky. Her interests appear in the title of this exhibition - 'CONSTELLATION 2', a successive title from her last solo exhibition at Yuka Sasahara Gallery. Generally meaning 'the position of stars', Miyake also believes that it is meant to be a representation of an 'aggregate of beautiful things'. In this exhibition, each work is a constellation made out of sparkly dots, while the whole exhibition is also a big constellation. We hope you enjoy Miyake's solo exhibition featuring sixteen of the latest photogram works.

* The text provided by Yuka Sasahara Gallery.

Last Updated on November 21 2009

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

It is a new dimensional painting that can be called “photogram painting” with a dark fantasy like world. A powerful illusion is generated by the gradation of drawing that appears through peculiar exposure phenomenon to photogram and complex process, and this produces a dream-like floating feeling. Miyake's painting is like a traffic spot between a dream and reality, which takes us somewhere no here.

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