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Yoshimasa Tsuchiya: Dreams a tapir eating dreams dreams of
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Published: October 14 2009

"Mermaid" (2009); 19.5 x 37 x 12cm, courtesy of the artist and MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY copyright(c) Yoshimasa TSUCHIYA

With "Dream" based on the artist's "Dream" as the theme, the dream in his head shows the appearance from the head to the real world by means of work, and is exhibited in this show.

Last Updated on November 10 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

I think that my eyes met a small animal’s inside through the small window of the door in the gallery. The works exhibited are the models of actually existing animals such as a tapir and a sheep, and imaginative animals such as a unicorn. As the size, all are not too large, and can be held by my hands. Therefore, the quality feeling of the smooth skin with a transparent feeling based on white makes me recall a baby. Tsuchiya's works seem to be not in the world “here” but the world “there” like a baby without having become dirty yet in the world “here”. Is it why they look divine?

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