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Ayuki ENOKIZONO: Fantastic echo
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Published: October 14 2009

Courtesy of the artist and Nroom artspace copy right(c) Ayuki ENOKIZONO

Incomprehensible things somewhat overflow from me. I fall in love with a thing of unknown moment, the whole at first sight intensely.
- Ayuki Enokizono

Ayuki Enokizono
1978 born in Fukuoka
2000 Kyusyu sangyo university Faculty of Fine Arts Visual, Design Course BA Solo exhibition
2001 Yamamoto Bunbodo (Fukuoka)
2002 Yuhuin station art hole gallery (Oita), OASIS (Oita)
2003 stay at Germany Exhibitions 3 places in Germany and Poland
2004 Muraokaya Gallery (Fukuoka), Oita city art plaza (Oita), CELEST (Fukuoka)
2006 “ AYUKI exhibition” Oita city art plaza (Oita), “ AYUKI exhibition”, Fukuoka art museum (Fukuoka), Maebaru city imagine house (Fukuoka) , Ngasaki city public hole (Nagasaki)
2008 Gallery-58 (Ginza) Group exhibition: 2009 Nroom artspace (Nerima) * The text provided by Nroom-artspace

Last Updated on November 28 2009

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