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Published: October 06 2018

Okamoto Mitsuhiro, UFO unidentified freespinning object, 2018

eitoeiko is pleased to announce a solo exhibition titled UFO by Okamoto Mitsuhiro. The exhibition runs from October 5 to November 3. Okamoto's first UFO object appeared in front of the entrance of Aomori Museum of Art, in summer of 2005. The round-shaped oversize object was titled Unidentified Falling Object. The news about the fallen saucer received on TV and internet, and the number of visitors of the exhibition‘Bakemono’ in the museum was much larger than expected. The same artwork won the second prize of Rokko Meets Art in 2006 and also showed at Tomakomai City Museum, Hokkaido. The other unidentified artwork were developed by the artist, such as Unidentified Five-rounds-per-minute Object. and Unidentified Family Object. And in 2018, Unidentified Freespinning Object came in Fukuoka. Okamoto attempts to visualize invisible factors by his humorous objects, as well as the artist suggests to doubt what we have already got to know. Okamoto is an artist who makes art as a mirror which reflects a society, by using various media with wordplay, traditional design and the representation of the contemporary culture. The mirror is contorted by the artist and it represents a distortion of society. At the exhibition, Okamoto will show it and the other unidentified objects. Viewer will be a witness of the first contact.

Okamoto Mitsuhiro
Born in 1968, Kyoto. After received his MA education from Shiga University, Okamoto moved to New York for studying at the Art Students League of New York. And then back to Japan and participated at CCA Kitakyushu researcher artist program. And moved to India, Germany and Spain with some of artist-in-residence programs. After lived and worked in Okinawa and Taiwan, the artist opened his aritst-run-gallery Kunst Arzt in 2012, Kyoto. Okamoto exhibited a lot of exhibitions at galleries and museums internationally, such as Fukuoka contemporary art chronicle, Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, 2013, History of Bishojo, Aomori Museum of Art, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, and Iwami Art Museum, 2013, Gifu Ohgaki Biennial, IAMAS, 2013, 2015, Utsuwa et Utsushi. Maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris, Kyoto Art Center, 2015, Bakemono, Aomori Museum of Art, 2015, Art Obulist, 2016, Rokko Meets Art, 2016, Art & Air, UFO after, Tomakomai City Museum, 2016, ART ZUID, Amsterdam, 2017, Suizokukangekijo, Out of triennial, Yokohama, 2017, Love Love Show 2, Aomori Museum of Art, 2017, The Dozaemon Exhibition Tokyo 2017, eitoeiko, 2017, Fukuoka Castle Museum, 2018, Undisrememberable, Curios, Post Los Angeles, 2018


Information Provided by: eitoeiko

Period: October 5,2018 (Fri) 〜 November 3,2018 (Sat)
Hours: 12pm-7pm
Closed: Monday, Sunday and National Holidays
Venue: eitoeiko

Last Updated on October 05 2018

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