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The margins of K and T
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Published: September 21 2018


The margins of K and T

"Oh, shit" and Charlie poisons. "The other side is also equipped with Leaves - Fairfax ground distance control system. What shall we do?" Charlie's face distorted by frenzy. "Denny, Denny, what do I do? How can I get away?"
Charlie turned around the corner - Nick caught on street lamps.
"Our Friends from Florix 8" (Philip K. Dick Oomori Oshimari Translation)

In the course of living everyday, like a P.K. Dick novel, occasionally, you may feel cracked as a collapse of reality that falls if you step a step further.
It is a perception that appears in nature and anti-nature "mother", but also appears in the brain like a dream.
Various visual and tactile sensations, such as growing plants, plastics and waste, will expand the threshold of imagination, and will reveal an invisible sight.

On a regular basis, Kumarine making comic books captures photos as a surface layer cut out the outside world.
Although the manga advances the story with a combination of frames, this time I would like to reveal the feeling of cracking by collapsing the reality sense by combining only the surface images and colliding.
Normally, Taxxaka, which mainly focuses on picture-based expressions based on photographs, tried to reproduce "Talk / things" floating in the narrow space between representations by overlaying two pieces of photographs and stories pieces that passed the Instagram this time I will.
We hope that you can take a picture of the two people 's expression and its margins in the cafe / gallery where you encounter everyday life and extraordinary life, and bring back the memory of your memories.

Manga drawing. I am from Tokyo in 1979. Graduated from the Tokyo Sogo Photographic College, Department of Cultural Studies, Waseda University, graduated from representational / media theory.
Mainly produced and sold original cartoon at Doujinshi Kanko Corp. COMITIA (2003 - 2015). In 2018 "Powder Molding Road" published in D Morning. Also contributed to voluntary magazine "All senses". Participated in "The 3rd All Sensational School Art Exhibition - Friend sense" in 2016.
twitter: @ kumarinee

Taxxaka / Tattaka
An artist. 1964 Tokyo student. I graduated from Tama Art University Faculty of Art Design.
Confirm "what you are seeing" with pictures, pictures, sounds. The center of thinking is "movie" "word" "something like a girl"
Formerly, he formed a visual unit Bit Rabbit, issued an art booklet "appel", and operated a shop of the same name. Currently, I am editing / publishing the art booklet "Total Senses". In 1999, the 13th Holbaine Scholarship. 2001, trend of contemporary photography 2001 outer⇔inter Kawasaki city citizen museum, others, solo exhibitions / group exhibitions.


Information Provided by: Taxxaka

Period: October 30,2018 (Tue) 〜 November 4,2018 (Sun)
Hours: Open:AM8:00 Close:PM6:00
Closed: Monday, other irregular holiday
Venue: River Coffee & Gallery

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