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The Sower
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Published: August 29 2018

Alternanthera philoxeroides, 2018

eitoeiko is pleased to announce a solo exhibition titled ‘The Sower' by Sanae Yasuda. This exhibition is her first show with eitoeiko. Yasuda handles a problem of non-native species. She started her career as a painter. From the late 90s, she became to make installation art, and relational art which had developed in art world. Her artwork changed
from existing media such as painting and sculpture to the other, new media. Today Yasuda considers that the essence of art is born when there is a friction between artist and viewer. Transportation and propagation of object is body of her art. She runs a long term project. Sharing and cooperating is one of her art form.
The matrix of this exhibition is ‘Plant Seeds Project' which has started in 2001. The project began with flying a lot of balloons which carry seeds of herb to the sky. When accidentally discoverer of the balloon sent the artist a letter about growing the seed, the project completed. Yasuda got an approval to the project, but also she was advised about a risk of invasion of non-native species. The project upgraded continuously and finished in 2005. Recently because a problem of non-native species such as fire ant occurs, the artist
reconsiders what her project has brought about. It is an attempt to articulate what is non-native. This show provides especially a problem about plants.
This exhibition will open with a talk session with Dr. Kouichi Goka of National Institute for Environmental Studies.

Sanae Yasuda
1968 born in Shiga
1990 received her B.A.Education with Shiga university, Shiga
1992-93 studied at Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Spain
2001-05 Plant Seed Project, mainly in Kyoto and Shiga
2007-15 Sprout Seed Project, mainly in Tokyo

Opening Party: September 1, 8PM-9PM

Talk session ‘What is wrong about alien species?’ by Dr.Koichi Goka
September 1, 6PM-8PM
Admission free

Duenn Live Performance
September 15, Open 4PM/Start 4.30PM
Fee 1,000JPY


Information Provided by: eitoeiko

Period: September 1,2018 (Sat) 〜 September 22,2018 (Sat)
Hours: 12pm-7pm
Closed: Monday, Sunday and National Holidays
Venue: eitoeiko

Last Updated on September 01 2018

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