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Published: October 13 2009

”Core” (2008); H17×W3×D3cm, courtesy of the artist and INAX Gallery copy right(c) Eri DEWA

The motif of Eri Dewa (b. 1983) who pursues the form is shape of nature such as light, the winds, and the plants. Especially, anacatesthesias of marine organisms such as a devilfish or ray have an influence on the work.

Last Updated on November 06 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

When hearing “ceramics”, we easily imagine earthenware. There are various kinds of works and names to each according to the producing district. The work by Dewa is not actually earthenware though she uses the way of ceramics. However it is difficult to find it without knowing it from other. It seems like a thin paper comes in succession since the face is so transparent. We might simply conclude that her work is an object rather than earthenware, however there could be something further to say with the delicate sense as if it crumbles if you touch. By learning the delicacy, I also think that I should avoid seeing the beauty of the work by trivial concept division.

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