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2018 Fujisawa Art Special Project Exhibition Ⅱ -” Scholar ” Cultual Exchange Program Between Sister Cities and Friendship Cities -
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Published: June 14 2018


Fujisawa City Art Space is going to begin a series of exhibition programs that aims cultural exchanges between Fujisawa and each of its sister/friendship cities from fiscal year 2018.This art project intends to let artists from sister/friendship cities and artists related to Shonan area mutually exchange their cultures through showcasing an exhibition of their artworks which they worked on at the Residence Room of Fujisawa City Art Space.

As the first session of the exhibition programs, we will hold “Scholar” that introduces five artists: Mr. Gabriel Delponte, an artist from Miami Beach which will mark the 60thsisterhood anniversary with Fujisawa in fiscal year 2018, and artists from Shonan area: Ms. Sayaka Osaki, Mr. Rentaro Kawamoto, Mr. Kohji Fukunaga and Ms: Mika Mizuno.

Mr. Delponte; was inspired the historical fact written by a haiku poet writer Basho Matsuo, runs “Bridge Me Japan” project which took 2 years and 9 months from 2014 to interview people he met with bike journey around Japan. It started and wrapped in Fujisawa. He hark back the experiences of his project to reaffirm the significance of always taking a stance to learn from man. In this exhibition, he will exhibit new visualized works on multiple media such as videography, photography, and installation produced from the materials gained through the project.

The name of exhibition, “Scholar” translated as “Gakusya” in Japanese. Men spontaneously absorb and learn different kinds of phenomenon in each passing day when they connect to a society. Could it be exactly orientation of a scholoar/ Gakusya? It would be much appreciated if the four artists related to Shaonan and Delponte are to propose once again the attitude of learning from connection of individuals by their works that become an opportunity to deepen relationships of two cities.


Information Provided by: Fujisawa city Art Space

Period: July 7,2018 (Sat) 〜 August 26,2018 (Sun)
Hours: 10:00-19:00
Closed: 7/2,7/9,7/17,7/23,7/30,8/6,8/13,8/20
Venue: Fujisawa city Art Space

Last Updated on July 07 2018

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