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Review Nobuhiko Utsumi Chapter 5, 1999-2000 Indelible memory in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Poland
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Published: March 08 2018

A scene of the Live painting in Poland

‘Nobihiko Utsumi Pictorial Expression Laboratory’ has originally started in Bigakkou (an institute of arts, Tokyo) since 2000, and from 2012 they have moved their base to Waseda University. This laboratory was founded by Nobuhiko Utsumi as a memorial and homage to an artist Katsuro Yosida who died in 1999, and now Utsumi works with his students there.

They practice their duties and resolutions in their serious lectures and works based on the awareness and realisations that our cultural revolution was lost in post-war Japan and the role of ‘art’ has already ended.


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