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Yoryokuso Tamekichi’s, May I ask you some... vol.10
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Published: February 05 2018

Exhibition view in 2016

   In Yoryokuso Tamekichi’s performance series ‘I have a question’, he is dressed in a costume which covers the whole body including the face. He becomes ‘nobody’ and asks the visitors such questions as social and political issues/tasks, and listens to their answers.
   How can we be freed from our ‘self image’ that we are conscious of everyday? And are we able to talk freely about how we really feel and think without caring too much about who we are talking to and what kind of people they are, without caring about their personalities, individualities, social positions or jobs. This exhibition explores new possibilities of human communication.


Information Provided by: Gallery K

Period: February 12,2018 (Mon) 〜 February 17,2018 (Sat)
Hours: 11:30~19:00, Saturday~17:00
Closed: Sundays
Venue: Gallery K

Last Updated on February 12 2018

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