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Glimmer (Karin Takiguchi, Yuka Goto 2 Artists Show)
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Published: January 12 2018

Glimmer (Karin Takiguchi, Yuka Goto 2 Artists Show)

Hiromart Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Glimmer, an exhibition of paintings by Karin Takiguchi and Yuka Goto.

Karin Takiguchi is an artist from Yamagata-prefecture and currently lives and works in Yamagata-city. This is her second exhibition with Hiromart Gallery following her favorably received Tokyo debut solo-exhibition “R1m – The world within a radius of 1 meter”. Takiguchi’s paintings appeals something nostalgia to viewers.

Tokyo based artist Yuka Goto is known as a painter and comic artist. Hiromart Gallery has been presenting her works (2d/3d paintings) through solo or 2-artists exhibition every year since 2011.

The exhibition “Glimmer” features water color paintings by Karin Takiguchi and acrylic paintings by Yuka Goto, the works are especially produced for this exhibition.


Information Provided by: Hiromart Gallery

Period: February 2,2018 (Fri) 〜 March 11,2018 (Sun)
Hours: 1 - 7 pm
Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays
Venue: Hiromart Gallery

Last Updated on February 02 2018

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