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Published: October 04 2017

for exhibition invitation

Yoshimi Arts is pleased to present “MINAKO NISHIYAMA / wall works”. Nishiyama will recreate the mural pieces she has made in various locations in the gallery space of Yoshimi Arts.
Nishiyama began creating her sugar sculptures in the late 90’s, and around the time she completed Sugar Crown (1999), she began creating murals as well. The roses or rococo patterns that often appeared in her backdrop-style works were abstracted and incorporated into her murals, which, starting out seemingly like samplings of decorations, was gradually simplified into a drawing like that which was drawn with a single, continuous line. On the other hand, the process of the erasing what has been drawn on gallery or studio walls (in other words, applying white paint over it) created an effect that the more faint the pink that is seen through the layers of white paint is, the more it draws the viewer’s attention with its enchanting power. These experiences led to the creation of murals that are exceedingly close to “nothingness.”
When she first created the two vague, pink mountains on the wall, the fact that she had to squint to make out the image made her wonder for a moment whether this was substantial as a work. These colors, which barely register in our perceptions, trigger optical illusions of the other side that even bewitches the position of the viewer.
The mural works shown in the exhibition are ephemeral, and their life is limited to the three-week duration of the show. A fleeting life that will disappear thereafter.


Information Provided by: Yoshimi Arts

Period: October 24,2017 (Tue) 〜 November 12,2017 (Sun)
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Monday
Venue: Yoshimi Arts

Last Updated on October 24 2017

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