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Nagasaka Mamiko Exhibition - (in)tangible
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Published: September 05 2017

From exhibition work (video)

“(in)tangible” tries to look through ‘death’ which is both intangible and tangible.

According to Yoro Takeshi (from “The Wall of Death” 2004, Shincho Shinsho), death is like a mouth. He says ‘Where is the mouth that is neither lips nor a tongue? Mouth is actually just a hole.’

When facing a dead person who was given a funeral make up, he/she seems no longer a deceased from his/her past life but someone totally different.
It becomes a body in which death came to. So the substance of death is what actually comes or added into the body.

The last moment of one’s self, passing of family members and departure of others.
Minds are always shaken strongly by death or they may not accept the fact or sometimes people talk about it calmly.

What is death?

This exhibition tries to answer such faded question by installation and video art.


Information Provided by: Gallery K

Period: September 11,2017 (Mon) 〜 September 16,2017 (Sat)
Hours: 11:30~19:00 Saturday~17:00
Closed: Sundays
Venue: Gallery K

Last Updated on September 11 2017

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