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Girls’ Zone 05
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Published: October 04 2009

Hiroko MASUKO "OKASHIRA" (2008-2009); Pen and Ink on Paper, 1650x1120mm, courtesy of ArtJam Contemporary copy right(c) Hiroko MASUKO

Lisa KOHNO ”a Quite Paradise in the Woods” (2009): Oil on Canvas, 1940x3880mm, courtesy of ArtJam Contemporary copy right(c) Lisa KOHNO

The work of Japanese young female artists with “purity” and “strength” is attracting more and more attention in the art scene across the world. “Girls’ Zone” is a periodic project to introduce such artists who express senses and emotions that are unique to female artists in their own ways. This time we are showing the works by Hiroko Masuko and Lisa Kohno. Masuko has been energetically presenting her works since 2007, the year she had received many awards including public selection award of “AMUSE ARTJAM 2007 in Kyoto” and “Tokyo Wonder Wall Award”. Kohno has just started her career and is highly expected since receiving Shu Uemura Award of “ART AWARD TOKYO Marunouchi 2009”. Please do not miss this opportunity!

Hiroko Masuko
1982 Born in Miyagi
2008 Finished MA in Art Education, Graduate School, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training, Miyagi University of Education
2006 Graduated Dept. of Industrial Design, Tohoku Institute of Technology Selected Exhibitions - Solo:
2009 “Kôi no Niwa (The Garden of Acts)” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo / Tokyo, “BONSAI Sword Legend” Gallery Jin Projects / Tokyo
2008 “Tree + Man” Gallery Jin Projects / Tokyo
2007 “Solo Exhibition of Artist Share vol.3 Award Winner” re:bridge edit / Sendai, “Miyagi University of Education Recommended Show” Museo De Arte Contemporaneo De Seishi / Sendai, “Solo Exhibition of Tokyo Wonder Wall Award Winner” Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office / Tokyo Awards: 2007 “Artist Share vol. 3” Selection Award, “Tokyo Wonder Wall Award”, “AMUSE ARTJAM in Kyoto 2007” Public Selection Award

Lisa Kohno
1982 Born in Tokyo
2009 Finished MA in Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts Selected Exhibitions - Group:
2009 “ART AWARD TOKYO Marunouchi 2009” Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery / Tokyo
2008 “GIRLISH BLENDS” gallery ni modo / Tokyo Award: 2009 “ART AWARD TOKYO Marunouchi 2009” Shu Uemura Award

* The text provided by ArtJam Contemporary

Last Updated on September 07 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

I encountered a really amazing situation. It is not uncommon for staff to meet visitors at the entrance of a gallery without saying hello and to continue to talk with each other in an exhibition room in front of viewers, but this was the first time I had seen staff arguing in a gallery. In fact, I am not sure they were staff of the gallery since I was not acquainted with them, but anyway, they seemed to be having a quarrel about something and the quarrel was in full view of the public in the reception of the gallery. Of course, there was no greeting. Unfortunately, there are a number of galleries which do not care about the manners of their customer service personnel. Nevertheless, what I experienced at the Art Jam Contemporary was beyond my imagination. Articles in this publication should not refer to this kind of thing and I would prefer not to write about this topic. What I wish to warn art museums about here is that visitors have expectations not only of exhibits but also of the atmosphere the staff create in galleries. What I encountered in this exhibition was really an absurd situation, though in the press release of the exhibition it says “Please enjoy looking at the exhibits”. The exhibitors are Hiroko Masuko and Risa Kohno. Nonetheless, how on earth can we enjoy their creations in such an atmosphere? (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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