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Published: May 29 2017

left : Keita SAGAKI “Grape Figure”(detail) 2016 scroll, pen and Torinoko paper H1182xW285mm center : Tsubasa TAKAHASHI “Untitled(2016 ritto)”(detail) 2016 pen, paper and panel H420xW297mm right : Kohdai DENO “Fairy”(detail) 2017 ink and acrylic on paper H370xW270mm

CASHI is pleased to present a group exhibition called dpi by Tsubasa Takahashi, Keita Sagaki and Kohdai Deno, from the 2nd of June (Friday) to the 2nd of July (Sunday) 2017.
dpi is an abbreviation for dots per inch, and it refers to the dot density of an image when it is produced or printed as a real physical entity.
For this exhibition there is a concentrated focus on densely detailed artwork, with an installation that makes a mind blowing use of the available exhibition space.
Keita Sagaki has developed artwork that have a motif of classical paintings which everybody would have seen, but when you look more carefully, rather than giving you a sense of déjà vu, you will find animals and characters buried within the picture that are all tangled up together. It is impossible to not be fascinated with the gap between the kitsch components and the classical motif. For this exhibition two new artworks will be displayed together as hanging scrolls based on the subject of an illustration of grapevines by Jakuchu ITO.
Tsubasa Takahashi makes art that is dynamic yet delicate, and employs the use of a blue-black ball pen. For this exhibition ten new works will be displayed together, in contrast to the artwork that has been seen before of a softly growing image that spreads out, this new work shows a new kind of expression using straight lines that pour out of the centre of the image.
Kohdai Deno’s principal means of expression in art is chaotic, but captures the motif of animals, small girls, space and insects. While pulling together these several elements in the composition of one particular art piece, which by stippling and extremely fine grains has no gaps, he has produced what can only be described as a cosmological feeling of floating. For this exhibition he will be showing all ten of his new artworks.
Please enjoy the work of these three fine artists who in a high density space have produced detailed artworks; we look forward to welcoming you to our gallery and introducing you to this new exhibition.


Information Provided by: CASHI

Period: June 2,2017 (Fri) 〜 July 2,2017 (Sun)
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Mon.-Wed.
Venue: CASHI

Last Updated on June 02 2017

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